Czy PKB Chin podbije, strefę euro?

Czy PKB Chin podbije, strefę euro?

28 Oct 2018

Do you know that?

  • Growth in China is comparable to the triple pace of 19 European countries *
  • The total Asian economy exceeded all American economies in 2016
  • China tends to overtake the euro area by the size of the economy **

According to Bloomberg, China's gross domestic product is expected to reach around $ 13.2 trillion in 2018, beating a total of $ 12.8 trillion of GDP in 19 euro countries. In 2017, the eurozone overtook China by less than $ 200 billion.

David Mann, who is the global chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank, gave some explanation for this phenomenon, saying, "This is the function of the economic system, institutional infrastructure, education and hard infrastructure - all of this works in Asia's favor."

Asia, which includes powers in Japan and India, as well as fast-growing countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia, already in 2016 supplanted the combined economy of North and South America.

China, the world's second largest economy, is becoming more and more slow because Xi is trying to move away from the low-wage model with high exports to a more balanced mix in which domestic spending plays a greater role. To do this, China faces many challenges. They will have to manage growing debt, financial markets will have to open to global investors, and the government will have to adapt to the rapidly aging population. A UN project where a quarter of the population will be over 60 by 2030.

Here's how quickly China's economy is catching up with the US

Although it is difficult to compare growth over many periods of time, the last time China's economy eclipsed Western Europe was in the mid-nineteenth century. At least, that's what we were told in the Maddison Project at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, where people who know each other better than us have dedicated their time to it.

Because China was the world's largest economy in the nineteenth century, its re-emergence as an economic power has huge implications and may slow down the global economy.

China's impact on global financial markets and commodities is not trivial. And its economic size also brings economic tensions in terms of market share, trade and investment.

At a time when the United States can be seen as retreating from the global arena and the EU is exposed to many internal challenges, can China become a new economic power? It's too early to say anything. However, for CFD investors, any change in balance of power can mean risk but also opportunity. Stay up to date and make informed trading decisions.


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